We are about more than just Product Designers, We also offer Strategy and Consultancy Services to give your company and product a better position on the market.


Product Research

It is important that thorough research is conducted into a variety of areas related to the design brief. This research forms the underpinnings of any sound and thorough design project directing its concepts and providing solutions, justification and answers to issues that inevitably crop up throughout the course of a project. We will undertake a broad range of research projects specifically focusing on your target markets, your competitor products, why customers buy from you (and also why they don't), relevant iconic products, trends, fashions and specific manufacturing technologies that we believe will give you the competitive edge.

IP & Patent Searches

You might think your intellectual property (IP) is original, but without a worldwide patent search, you won't know for sure. It's not just about whether you can get a patent, it's about knowing if you're even allowed to start selling in your key markets. There are various types of protection that you can take out on your IP. These include patents, trademarks and registered designs. We can assist you in searching for competing IP, understanding how this might affect your project and drafting the applications.



Computer modelling and analysis techniques provide very important insights. But even the best of them is based on assumptions and approximations of actual product behaviour. Full validation of a design can only be achieved by extensive practical testing of representative rigs and prototypes. We also offer a wide range of rapid prototyping (RP) processes in-house, including high speed CNC machining, Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and vacuum resin casting.

User Testing

Before a product is taken into manufacture it is advisable that user testing and trials are undertaken in order to analyse the reactions and overall advantages or disadvantages raised. We will select a number of participants that are within the target age group, gender, etc. and we will test their reactions and gain feedback on what they think about the product. A report will be presented based on the results gained, with ideas for improvements, in order for us to produce a successful product.


Sourcing Manufacturers

SolidDesign has a vast network of trusted manufacturing partnerships in both the UK and Asia, where we can get preferential rates for our clients. In order to keep our manufacturing partners competitive we also obtain quotes from manufacturers who we are not partnered with. Before proceeding to manufacture and getting quotes the design needs to be developed from the prototyping stage. Manufacturing drawings and specifications need to be created. Our expert design engineers can produce this for you ready for the chosen manufacturer.

Managing Production

Manufacturing a product can be very difficult, but SolidDesign is here to help. With trusted, quality assured UK and Far East manufacturing contacts, we can manage the process to produce high quality products while still achieving low cost production. We can manage the whole manufacturing process, dealing directly with manufacturers to ensure lead times and quality standards are met.